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Business Spotlight - Mark Shorrocks, Schooley Mitchell

How to Reduce Costs in Your Business.

This episode features Mark Shorrocks, a Business Optimization Specialist at Schooley Mitchell. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Mark has been helping businesses optimize their operations, reduce costs, and increase profitability. He's focused on saving businesses time and money by implementing effective strategies for digital marketing, vendor management, and expense reduction. Here are some important insights and strategies for business optimization:


Business Spotlight - Steve Cussons, Mini Giants Inc.

The Power of a Positive Company Culture.

Welcome to the latest episode of Business Spotlight!Discover the secret to building a successful brand in our exclusive interview with Mini Giants Inc. CEO and Co-Founder Steve Cussons. Learn how they turn ideas into reality through custom printing, web development, and branded merchandise.

Take advantage of actionable tips and strategies for taking your business to the next level. Here are some essential highlights from the interview:

Business Spotlight - Sheldon Samlall, Community Living North Halton

Challenges and Opportunities in Nonprofits.

Discover how Community Living North Halton supports individuals with developmental disabilities!

Watch our latest video featuring Sheldon Samlall, Integrated Marketing Specialist. Learn about their various services, fee-for-service options, and fundraising initiatives. Hear about their pivot towards virtual events and auctions.

Join us in creating a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone belongs. Here are some important highlights from our conversation:

Business Spotlight - Shelley Morgan-Bair, Rx Billing Genie

Revolutionizing Workflow.

Welcome to another exciting episode of Business Spotlight featuring Shelley Morgan-Bair, CEO of Rx Billing Genie and a pharmacy workflow innovator. At Rx Billing Genie, they are committed to providing pharmacy professionals with peace of mind when it comes to billing policies and procedures, saving them time to focus on quality patient care. Shelley shares several valuable insights:

Business Spotlight - Victoria Marshman, Mave & Chez

The Importance of Vision and Resilience in Achieving Business Success.

Welcome to Business Spotlight! In this episode, we enjoyed speaking with Victoria Marshman, Co-Founder of Mave & Chez. Victoria shared some valuable insights on what it takes to be successful in business, including:

Business Spotlight - Darrell Keezer, Candybox Marketing

Radical Candor and Repetition: How to Build a Strong Team and a Thriving Business.

Welcome to the latest episode of Business Spotlight!

In this edition, we had the pleasure of speaking with Darrell Keezer, Founder of Candybox Marketing. The team of in-house marketing specialists at Candybox has helped businesses create exceptional digital experiences. Here are some important highlights from our conversation:

Business Spotlight - Jasmine Uboma, Beyond Math

Young Entrepreneurs, Not Pursuing Perfection and Finding Support.

Get ready to meet the mastermind behind Beyond Math, Jasmine Uboma! Her mission is to transform how 8- to 13-year-olds learn Math by introducing revolutionary techniques that teach kids analytical and logical reasoning skills, empowering them to think for themselves. Check out the game-changing tips that Jasmine shared with us during our exclusive interview:

Business Spotlight - Fred Redding,

Evolve Your Business through Infrastructure and Organization.

In this Business Spotlight Halton, we shared valuable time with Fred Redding, the Founder of, a mobile car detailing business that offers convenient solutions that come to customers' homes or businesses. Here are some highlights:

Business Spotlight - David Marks, Unleash & Co.

Avoiding Pain & Seeking Pleasure.

Welcome to another episode of Business Spotlight! In this interview, we sit down with David Marks, the Founder and Lead Designer of Unleash & Co. and Unleashed Studios. David is a pro at helping teams tackle complex problems through workshops, and he's got plenty of insights to share with us. Throughout our chat, David drops some profound knowledge on what it takes to succeed in business. Here are some of the highlights:

Business Spotlight - Rhyan Vincent -Smith, Beyond Unexpected Inc.

Don't be afraid to take risks.

In this episode, Rhyan shares his insights and experiences with us as he takes us on a personal and professional growth journey. From taking risks to enjoying the journey, here are some highlights from our conversation:

Business Spotlight - Rhyan Vincent -Smith, Beyond Unexpected Inc.

Don't be afraid to take risks.

In this episode, Rhyan shares his insights and experiences with us as he takes us on a personal and professional growth journey. From taking risks to enjoying the journey, here are some highlights from our conversation:

Business Spotlight - Osama Usman, HealthPass

Transforming medical tourism: How HealthPass builds around customer feedback.

Ever wanted to learn about medical tourism?Osama Usmani is the founder of HealthPass, a digital marketplace for medical tourism packages. They connect patients seeking elective care with trusted providers worldwide, ensuring an affordable, safe, and smooth experience. HealthPass recently graduated from the TreeFrog Accelerator and will participate in the Texas-based NewChip Accelerator this summer.We had a great Business Spotlight conversation; here are some highlights:

Business Spotlight - Patience Badze, LocalOn

Revolutionize your small business with e-commerce.

Get ready to take your small business to the next level with our latest Business Spotlight podcast episode featuring Patience Badze, Co-Founder and CEO of LocalOn. In this insightful interview, Patience shares her expert advice on how to…

Business Spotlight - Yedno Chean, Querencia Media

Why building a team is crucial for small business growth.

Join us for the latest Business Spotlight episode featuring Yedno Chean, owner of Querencia Media, as he shares his experiences on growing a business during COVID and the importance of a strong business identity. Discover valuable insights on building a successful team, creating a marketing strategy, and much more! Don't miss out, watch now!

Business Spotlight - Michelle Chouinard-Kenney, Gibson Building Supplies 

Define your company culture and onboard new team members.

Are you looking for new supplies for your next building project? This is an interview you should watch.

Michelle Chouinard is the CEO of Gibson Building Supplies; they are committed to bringing you the best quality and service in the industry. Here are some highlights from our Business Spotlight:

Business Spotlight - Diego Lopez, Noche de Rol

Create a strong, positive culture and attract the right talent.

Diego Lopez is the Founder of Noche de Rol, a live, unscripted show of friends playing Dungeons & Dragons in Latin America. With 13 years of experience and constant growth in the video games industry, Diego shared with us his experience building online communities, growing an audience, and believing in your skills to create something great!

Here are some highlights from our conversation:

Business Spotlight - Ken Doody, KLD & Associates 

Do the things that not everybody is prepared to do.

Ken Doody is the Founder & President of Kenneth L. Doody & Associates, where they provide customized Employee Benefits for companies of any size, including sole proprietors.

Business Spotlight - Tina Vanderlinden, VanderSocial

Your network will make your business successful.

Tina Vanderlinden is the Founder and Digital Marketing Director of VanderSocial, where they specialize in holistic growth marketing for startups and small to medium-sized businesses. We had an interesting Business Spotlight interview; here are some highlights:

Business Spotlight - Adib Shadid and Mario Poto, Go Local Virtual Events 

Prioritize customer service and evolve!

As many of us started working from home, building company culture and maintaining employee engagement has been challenging. This energized me before this new Business Spotlight conversation...

Adib Shadid and Mario Poto are the Co-Founders of GoLocal Virtual Events; they organize online social or business events with high engagement. Here are some highlights from our chat in the platform they use:

Business Spotlight - Daniela Siggia, Black Ram Media

The importance of cash flow and 20% of your clients.

Are you launching your second business or third? How about working with friends? This is a conversation you want to watch! Daniela Siggia is the Creative Director at Black Ram Media Group Inc. and manages two other businesses. Here are some highlights from our Business Spotlight conversation:

Business Spotlight - Jenny Cherian, Lifecare Rx Pharmacy 

Don't be afraid of challenges, evolve.

Jenny Cherian is the owner of Lifecare Rx Pharmacy Inc. where they have a complete line of medications and good service for all customers. Jenny shared with us all the situations she had to solve to start her entrepreneurship during the Pandemic. Here some important highlights:

Business Spotlight - Mary Fearon, OnPrpose Inc.

Human connection through external, internal and philosophical conflict.

Is your work technical? Do you sometimes need help communicating what you do and the value you provide?. Well, this may be an exciting Spotlight interview for you. Mary Fearon is the Founder and President of OnPrpose Inc., where they help left-brain industries tell stories as interesting as their work. Here are some highlights from our conversation:

Business Spotlight - Joshua Bennett, Yasuke Audioworks

Make your team part of your end vision.

Joshua Bennett is the Founder and CEO of Yasuke Audioworks, to produce audio products that transform lives as much as music does. Here are some interesting points from our Business Spotlight interview:

Business Spotlight - Aastha Sahni, Advica Health

Prioritize, trust your team and delegate.

Do you want to learn more about leadership and innovations in healthcare? You've come to the right place. Aastha Sahni is the Vice President of Advica Health; they provide the best advice, treatment options and solutions in the Canadian healthcare landscape. Aastha shared her journey in leadership during our Business Spotlight interview...

Business Spotlight - Moatassem Moatez, MYcourier Inc.

Grow your company through committed team members.

Moatassem Moatez is the Founder and CEO of MYcourier Inc. In a Business Spotlight chat, we explored essential highlights about his industry during the pandemic and business success:

Business Spotlight - Amy Stockwell, BrightSparkz Tutors

Learning doesn't stop at any point.

Need to help your child with schoolwork but don't have the time or expertise? Amy Stockwell from BrightSparkz Tutors shared important highlights to consider in our Spotlight interview...

Business Spotlight - Scott Hutchings, Global Coin Solutions

Look for people who work well as a team and a good network.

Are you curious of what you could do with those leftover coins from trips abroad?. Scott Hutchings is the Founder and President of Global Coin Solutions, where their tagline is "Changing the World, One Cent at a Time." Highlights from our Business Spotlight interview include

Business Spotlight - Simon Spichak, Resolvve Inc.

Grow with people who now what they do and are not "Yes" people.

Simon is the Co-Founder of Resolvve Inc. Recently, Simon shared his journey, helping students get support for mental health issues.

Here are some highlights from our conversation...

Business Spotlight - Chris Herbert, Mi6 Agency

Output, Outcome, and Value creation, delivery and capture.

Are you interested in learning what your business should do around value to your customers?. Chris Herbert is the Partner and Founder of the Mi6 Marketing Agency. We had a fascinating talk about the foundations and frameworks of Marketing. Here are some highlights:

Business Spotlight - Sanjay Kumar, Deligence Technologies Inc.

Take care of talent, stay focused and succeed.

Are you looking to learn about technology solutions to boost your sales? Sanjay Kumar from Deligence Technologies can help. We had a great Business Spotlight conversation. Some highlights include:

Business Spotlight - Jennifer Hume, Profitz Consulting

Healthy cash flow, profitability and business planning.

Are you a Real Estate Agent, Investor or struggle with cash flow in your business? This is the Business Spotlight for you!

Jennifer Hume is the Owner of Profitz Consulting, where they guide Real Estate Investors to better profits by building profitability into every property. She shared with us how she creates predictable, sustainable profitability for her consulting clients, so they can eliminate debt and have positive cash flow for growth. Some highlights include:

Business Spotlight - Lynn Johannson, E2 Management Corporation

Don't get angry, ask and give others a chance to correct.

Lynn Johannson is the Owner of E2 Management Corporation, connecting strategy and environmental sustainability. Highlights from her Business Spotlight include...

Business Spotlight - Emily Lauren Dick, The Guiding Light Education Company Inc.

Follow your heart, adapt and don't give up!

Emily Lauren Dick is the Founder and CEO of The Guiding Light Education Company Inc., making social-emotional learning for children. We discussed her development roadmap during our Business Spotlight, where highlights include the following...

Business Spotlight - Peter Day, Endo Networks Inc.

Change to your plan to your team's strengths and to maximize profits.

Peter Day is the President and Founder of Endo Networks Inc., where they build and manage salesforce automation systems to improve the performance of commercial programs. We had an exciting discussion with Peter about the four areas of his business and growth, here are some highlights.

Business Spotlight - Mike Donnelly, LF3

Deliver the experience and results that your customers are looking for.

Mike Donnelly is the Co-Founder of LF3... Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Resilient. Here are the highlights from our Business Spotlight conversation

Business Spotlight - Alex Barseghian, Birchmount Network

Engage with your loyal customers, educate them!.

Alex Barseghian is the Founder and CEO of Birchmount Network, a top tier branded payments services company that provides comprehensive revenue and brand solutions for emerging retail industries. Some highlights from our Business Spotlight interview

Business Spotlight - Vanisha Singh, Find Me Lettering

Systems and processes before making the leap.

Vanisha Singh is the CEO of Find Me Lettering, where they make social media + branding & calligraphy their point of convergence.

In our Business Spotlight, Vanisha focused on what's required to go from corporate life to full-time entrepreneurship; here are a few highlights

Business Spotlight - Trevor Luck, Venture X Oakville

Extreme success follows extreme passion.

Trevor Luck is the Owner of Venture X Oakville, a modern boutique-style coworking space offering its members private, shared and flexible workspace. We reconnected recently for a Business Spotlight, where Trevor shared a few value gems!

Business Spotlight - Stephen Worrall, Integrated Clean Air Services

3 systems to master in your business to survive.

Stephen Worrall is the Founder and CEO of Integrated Clean Air Services, a full-service indoor air quality company.

In our Business Spotlight, Stephen provided an in-depth look at systems. Here are some highlights...

Business Spotlight - Joe Edwards, JML Electric Inc.

Give everybody a chance to find out what they're good at.

Joe Edwards is the President at JML Electric Inc., providing electric vehicle charging, residential & commercial electrical installations. Some highlights from our Business Spotlight conversation.

Business Spotlight - Donna Pinsonneaul, She´s Got Leggz

You're not alone! Find people who align with your company and where you're going.

Donna Pinsonneault is the CEO of She´s Got Leggz, an apparel company based in Burlington. Their taglines is “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful. Business Spotlight Halton welcomed Donna a few weeks ago and I learned a lot from her journey.

Business Spotlight - Peter Hawkins, MELLOHAWK Logistics

Don't fall in love with your product, fall in love with the sale!

Peter Hawkins is the Managing Director of MELLOHAWK Logistics, an international freight forwarder based in Toronto specializing in truck, air and ocean cargo. In addition, he has acted as mentor to many entrepreneurs and has an active role in the Canadian business community.

Business Spotlight - Michael Gill, Blue Labs @ Walmart Canada

Fall in love with the problem, not with the solution.

Michael Gill is the Director of Innovation Design and Validation at Blue Labs @ Walmart Canada. His perspective delivers a Business Spotlight focused on innovation and customer centricity; here a few highlights.

Business Spotlight - James Fraser, Pumpkins After Dark

Create Instagram-worthy experiences and adapt to circumstances.

James Fraser is the Owner and Chief Pumpkineer, Pumpkins After Dark, a Halloweeen experience. We had a great Business Spotlight conversation, here are some highlights.

Business Spotlight - Jeffrey Verman, Plus Travel Group

Acknowledge that you know nothing, then fight hard!.

Jeffrey Verman is the Chief Executive Officer at Plus Travel Group, a full-service corporate travel management company. We connected during Business Spotlight. Here are a few insights from our conversation

Business Spotlight -Colin Potts, Watch Off The Cuff

Be frustrated or rewarded by the learning process, your choice.

Colin Potts is the Founder of Watch Off The Cuff, providing exclusive brands, watch service, repair and accessories, right here in Milton!. We had a fun conversation during a Business Spotlight, where he shared great insights

Business Spotlight - Shann McGrail, Haltech Regional Innovation Centre

Do the work, be resilient and show up with a new idea.

Shann is the CEO at Haltech Regional Innovation Centre, at the nexus of Halton Region’s innovation ecosystem. I had the pleasure of interviewing her for Business Spotlight and here are a few takeaways.

Business Spotlight -Maytham Naqvi, Fit It Out

Be prepared to pivot at the right time and create an identity around your offer.

Maytham Naqvi is the Founder of Fit It Out, which provides high-quality fitness equipment throughout Canada. In a Business Spotlight, he shared several valuable insights.

Business Spotlight - George Barakat, MedWorks

No vision has a chance of survival without passion behind it.

George Barakat is the Founder and CEO of MedWorks, heathcare and wellness services to your door or device.

He shared several insights in a Business Spotlight

Business Spotlight -Lianne Picot, Leadership Makerspace®

Care about what you love and make it happen in your business.

Lianne Picot is the Co-Creator of Leadership Makerspace®, where they make leadership development easy to access for women+. In a Business Spotlight interview, she shared several valuable insights.

Business Spotlight - Pal Ahuja, Millennium Engineering Inc.

Share your knowledge with your clients.

We connected with Pal Ahuja from Millennium Engineering Inc. He shared great advice in our Business Spotlight series.

Business Spotlight - Rob Bourbeau and Sarah Hemingway, Do+Dare Undie Co.

Blinding f**t of the obvious, hard work and impact make amazing underwear.

Rob Bourbeau and Sarah Hemingway are the Co-Owners of do+dare undie co. They believe your undies should be as unique as you are. We were truly honoured to have them join Business Spotlight, where they shared.

Business Spotlight - Cynthia Davidson, Beaches and Beyond

Good customer service as the basis for success and referrals.

Cynthia Davidson is the Founder of Beaches and Beyond and a Certified Travel Counsellor. In her Business Spotlight, she shared significant insights about her entrepreneurial journey.

Business Spotlight - Hani Selbak, Premium Investigative Services Inc.

Know your product/ service and use technology for success.

Hani Selbak is the President & CEO of Premium Investigative Services Inc., offering private investigations and security services.

Business Spotlight - Chantal Ingram, Flourish and Bask

Make customers, not sales! (and pivot quickly if needed). Chantal Ingram is the Owner and creative mind behind Flourish and Bask, Oakville’s only cocktail and entertaining supply store. I had the honor of welcoming her to Business Spotlight and to visit her store.

Business Spotlight - Kevin Marchand, National Recovery Group

There are no excuses for anything less than your full, undivided attention.

Kevin Marchand is the owner of National Recovery Corp, a collection agency working in the commercial and consumer space.

We were fortunate to schedule time with him and gain his insights on how to run a business successfully.

Business Spotlight - Efren Castillo, Ad Entity

The team can make or break the success of a business.

Efren Castillo is the Founder of AD Entity, a Digital Marketing agency helping businesses grow through increased brand visibility with the use of digital channels and technology. I also met Efren through BNI, where he acts as Ambassador within my chapter.

Business Spotlight - Imran Lateef, Fibrelynx Texlynx

Provide a solution to your customer, regardless of country of origin, find options!

Imran Lateef is the President of Fibrelynx/Texlynx, a global textile services company providing sourcing of various hospitalty and home-related products.

Business Spotlight - Jeremy Roach, Beech Golf Co.

Doing is much better than reading. It's important to put new klnowledge into practice.

Jeremy Roach is a Co-Founder at Beech Golf Co., a line of golf apparel with fresh new designs. We connected recently for a Business Spotlight chat and here are a few take-aways...

Story Time with Coach Hugo – Dog attack!

Handling fear in your business

Just when you think it's safe to go back into the house... A dog attacks! Don't get left behind, people.

Business Spotlight - Peter Lazar, Pavement

Think about the business as a large freight ship rather than a speed boat.

Our newest Business Spotlight focuses on Peter Lazar, the CEO and Founder at Pavement, a vendor-first food ordering marketplace, a virtual shopping mall for the F&B industry.

Business Spotlight - Alexander Wolf, New Rey Media

The easiest way to learn is from somebody who already knows what you want to learn.

In this Business Spotlight, we interviewed Alexander Wolf, the CEO of New Rey Media and the Co-founder of Phoenix Bites.

Business Spotlight - Pascal Tyrrell, SofTx Innovations

The harder you work, the luckier you are.

Pascal Tyrrell is the CEO and Co-founder of SofTx Innovations, they build deep tech application products and platforms to integrate current AI/ML advances to healthcare experts and providers.

Being intentional about Culture

What's the key to a successful company? Culture.

But what is culture, and how do you create it intentionally? In this video, I offer tips on how to build a winning team culture in your business – and why it's so important.

Business Spotlight - Nick Hutchins, HIL-Tech LTD

The power of community and avoiding distractions.

Our latest Business Spotlight welcomed Nick Hutchins, Owner of HIL-Tech Ltd. They provide the world's toughest safety and guidance lighting!

Business Spotlight – Jianrong Feng, Onoir Toronto

Be unique, drive loyalty.

I had an excellent Business Spotlight interview with Jianrong Feng, Owner and President of Onoir Toronto, the world's largest dine-in-the-dark restaurant.

Story Time with Coach Hugo - The wrong type of bird

It's important to share a bit of context when asking someone for help.

Otherwise, it can be confusing and surprising the person you're talking with doesn't know what kind of matters your conversation pertains too.

Identify Your Target Market

Why Knowing Your Target Market Matters For Marketing Success

Marketing isn't about shouting your message to the world and hoping someone hears it. It starts with understanding your target market and delivering the right message to them.

Business Spotlight - Ben Sainsbury, Marion Surgical

Take away all the barriers between the customer and your product.

Our conversation covered how to grow from a proof of concept, the critical role of innovation and how talented professionals can find a higher calling...

Story Time with Coach Hugo – A Bug in My Salad

We were wrapping up a great, inspiring trip.

We found a nice restaurant, everything seemed to be going right and then… What an experience!

Where Does Your Time Go?

Are you looking for ways to be more productive?

Start by knowing where you invest this precious resource. Stop wasting time! Here's how to track it all with a time log.

Business Spotlight – Nancy Fornasiero, ACE Coworking

The power of community and avoiding distractions.

I remember meeting Nancy in an online networking event in mid-2021 and visiting ACE a few months later, blown away by the space and her personal story!

Marketing Strategies can Accelerate Your Recruiting!

Recruiting can be a difficult task, but there are ways to make it easier.

If you want more quality candidates and less time spent recruiting, use what we know about marketing as our guide!

Storytime with Coach Hugo – Risky hiking with a baby

Hiking is one of my favourite past times.

But some trails may be too much, even for seasoned adventurers.The wrong trail in the Drakensberg turned dangerous, as we found out as new parents!...

Ace your Marketing with a 10x10 Matrix!

Expanding your Marketing Strategies to Generate more Leads.
Marketing is the life blood of any business. But when you're just starting out, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this video I share with you a proven and powerful methodology!

Storytime with Coach Hugo – School Night and the Blue Dress

A School Visit that Changed my Profession
It was 'Back to School' night and I was excited to meet my son's teachers and other parents. When the presentation was done, I saw something that surprised me…

Business Know-Hacks – Test and Measure

The Key to Turning Your Marketing from an Expense into an Investment.
Do you feel like marketing is an expense to your business?
This video will teach you how to turn marketing into an investment. You can test and measure to make your marketing work for you.

The value of Strategic planning and coaching for small businesses

Taking a step back from your business can yield fantastic results.
As business owners, we are immersed in the operation of our companies. Through strategic planning, you can evaluate and choose how you will pursue your goals. This process doesn't need to be complicated!

Business coach for small businesses

Why Work with a Business Coach?

A business coach can act as an unreasonable ally as you reach for your wildest business dreams and goals.
They support the growth of their clients through three key elements: 1. business knowledge, 2. focus, and 3. accountability.

Back to Time Mastery Basics as a Business Owner

Becoming a full-time entrepreneur calls for a big change in mindset and organization skills!
I launched my own business coaching firm three months ago. Prioritizing what I do while moving to another country has been a major, ongoing challenge.