Mary Fearon | OnPrpose Inc.

Human connection through external, internal and philosophical conflict

In this episode, Mary shared these golden nuggets:   


  • No matter what you do, any significant achievement starts with a story! 
  • You're selling to another human being, and that human has external, internal and philosophical problems. You need to relate to them on all three levels if you want to connect with who they are, what they're doing and how they want to improve their lives or businesses. 
  • We're not supposed to put features and benefits on our website. We need to relate to people. 
  • "Safe" is not a good place because being just like everyone else is akin to being invisible. 
  • If you can hit people at the external, internal and philosophical levels, you create a human connection between you and your customers. 
  • You need to grow from simplicity, not complexity. 
  • You´ve got to know how you get that story to the right people at the right time so that they can trigger an action. 


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