Why Work with a Business Coach

A coach can act as an unreasonable ally as you reach for your wildest business dreams and goals.

A business coach can act as an unreasonable ally as you reach for your wildest business dreams and goals. They support the growth of their clients through three key elements:

  • business knowledge,
  • focus, and
  • accountability.

In this article, we explore these and a couple of other ways a coach delivers value to business owners.

What do business coaches do?

Almost every business owner I know is always looking for ways to improve their business. Many are concerned with finding new ways to generate leads; others want to level up their teams. But what many of them don't realize is that working with a business coach can be one of the most effective ways to do all of that.

A coach is someone who has been there before, knows what needs to be done to succeed, and can guide how to get there through a proven system, a unique perspective, and a particular set of skills.

Here we’ll talk about the benefits of working with a business coach and how it can help business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs like you become more successful.

The goal is not only for you to make more money, have more time or build more effective teams, but also have fun and feel fulfilled in your work. The journey may start by focusing your time by working ON the business (vs. IN the business) and should end when you have a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you.

There are many benefits of having a coach, with the most important are:

  • Business knowledge, by providing proven strategies and tools and the support to implement them.
  • Focus, which is all about setting goals and specific actions or strategies that work for the business –so the business owner gains clarity and works on the right things.
  • Accountability, holding business owners responsible for doing what they commit to doing.

Let's explore these benefits in more detail.

Strategic business coaching and planning

First of all, a good coach helps you set and achieve realistic goals for your business. This process begins by aligning your personal and business goals and developing a long-term vision for your business, a destination that both owner and team aim for.

A critical process in the coaching cycle is to create annual and quarterly tactical plans, a roadmap to your success. By mapping out the next 90 days, you can clarify your priorities and evaluate your progress. As a small business expert, a coach can help you translate ambitious goals into a list of activities you and your team can manage. This can be integrated into Business, Marketing or Financial plans.

Small business strategies

A Business coach can help you create Business, Marketing and Financial plans.

Business growth strategies

Additionally, coaches have extensive knowledge and experience in business, which they can share with you to help you grow your company. Topics that may be covered include:

  • Planning, from a complete business plan to tactical roadmaps.
  • Marketing, lead generation and repeat business.
  • Sales, with a focus on both conversion and average sale.
  • Financials, testing & measuring, financial ratios, key performance indicators (KPIs), cash flows and margins.
  • Team, both management and leadership.
  • Systems, design, documentation and monitoring.
  • You, your goals, your skills, your beliefs and your identity.

Furthermore, a business coach can offer expertise and resources that you may not have access to yourself. They can help you problem-solve, putting this business knowledge into action. At ActionCOACH, we not only expect results from using this process and our system, we guarantee them!.

Business management and Team building

At ActionCOACH Halton, our passion is helping business owners become inspiring team leaders. I provide guidance on building a culture based on an aspirational vision, a clear mission and strong values.

A business coach can help you set up systems, processes and strategies to help your business run more effectively and ultimately get ahead of your competition.

They can work with you to find the most precious resource: time!


By creating leverage through people & education, system & technology, delivery & distribution or testing & measuring.

By helping you set up the right conditions for a highly effective team, you would be able to
attract, retain and develop talent.

Focus, with an external perspective

Successful businesses are built on innovation, creativity, and flexibility. As the owner of a growing business, you're constantly looking for ways to evolve your company. Whether it's new products or services that will bring in more revenue or developing better systems internally that will make your team more efficient, running a successful business takes time, commitment, and skill.

Coaches provide unbiased perspective and guidance that keep things moving forward while also helping you stay attuned to what needs to be done next! A business coach can look at your plans and challenges with a fresh set of eyes through expertise across many different industries.

Business growth strategies

A coach can provide unbiased perspective and guidance.

Accountability (and Introspection)

A business coach can keep you accountable and on track in your journey towards your goals. A weekly rhythm allows you to set up goals and review your progress. By preparing sessions with your coach, you can pause and evaluate the state of your business and what you have accomplished. A coach also helps you stay motivated.

What would working with a Small Business coach cost?

Coaching can be cost-effective compared to consulting engagements or online programs. Furthermore, there's something for everyone and every budget:

  • 1:1 coaching, group coaching,
  • quarterly planning sessions,
  • educational programs and
  • self-paced memberships.

There's no excuse for not starting today; it is time to invest in your business and future.

How to find a Business coach in Halton, Ontario

At ActionCOACH Halton, we aim to create economic prosperity in our region by working with small and medium business owners, entrepreneurs and executives, generating hundreds of new jobs every year.

If you're wondering, "Is there a small business coach near me?" The answer is: "Yes!" We are active in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Halton Hills. We cover this region in Ontario and work with businesses of different industries and sizes.

As a business owner, you have to wear many hats. It's not always easy being the CEO of your company. A coach can help guide you through the challenges of growth, leadership or mindset shifts. There is no shortage of reasons why hiring a certified business coach can be an excellent decision for your company. What are some other advantages you see in working with a coach? Let us know!

Are you feeling stuck in your business? Do you feel like you are not making the progress you want to? You may want to consider working with a business coach who can help you achieve your goals faster and easier than if you try to do it all on your own. If the reasons discussed here speak to you, it might be time to work with a business coach.

Contact us today to explore if coaching is right for you!

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