Being intentional about Culture

How Being Intentional About Your Company Culture Leads to Greater Success

Hello and welcome to business know-hacks where we explore ideas to grow your company, avoid burnout and create a fantastic culture that attracts top talent at your company. Today, we'll talk exactly about that, about culture and specifically how to be intentional around it. This week I talked to a friend about intentionality. She kept bringing that phrase back, "you need to be intentional about this," or "you need to be intentional about that. " and I loved it! because in many cases, we just go around things at work without having a clear intention of why we're doing things.

Company culture is one of the most difficult aspects to work and if done right, can have massive impact in the company. The culture can define the team environment, how things are done and even the results that the team is going after. In other words, the company culture creates the dna of the company and it can be defined over time. Now, even if you're starting as a solopreneur, spend some time defining the culture that you want for your company.

Here's the reason why: if you're not intentional about creating the culture that you want for your company, the culture is going to happen anyway. But it's gonna be as an accident, it's just gonna be because of the history of the company and what happened, and not because you took some time to design it.

Now if, on the other hand, you sit down, you define exactly what values and elements that you want to have as part of that company culture, you're making sure that you have guidelines that help you define that culture. And over time you want to make sure that you're within those guidelines and taking the right steps so that the culture looks like what you had imagined at the beginning. Now, it's never too late to reshape the culture. We've heard many cases in which companies go through rocky situations and they actually start working on rebuilding that culture.

What I want to bring your to your attention in this video is just to be intentional about it, to really take some time and say this is what I want my culture to look like. Now, in future videos, we'll talk about some elements of culture and how to make it practical and tactical, and sit down and define that culture. But for now I just wanted you to think about that intentionality around your culture. It has to be part of the work that you're doing.

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