Sanjay Kumar, Deligence Technologies Inc.

Take care of talent, stay focused and succeed

In this episode of Business Spotlight, we connected recently with Sanjay Kumar – Deligence Technologies Inc. 


In this episode, Sanjay shared these golden nuggets:  


• As a business owner, you need to be very careful and in a good mental state. 

• If you practice meditation regularly, it will help you connect and stay focused. 

• You can create a feeling of partnership in your company, taking advice from your team members and employees; they have more knowledge about so many things in the business! 

• Take care of talent to create a solid team. 

• Stay focused on your goals and don't follow new ideas that pop up every day on the internet. 

• A people-first approach is essential to succeed in your goals and on those of your clients. 


Sanjay is offering a 10% discount on your first 3 months to the Business Spotlight audience! If you want to learn more about how he helps clients succeed, you can do so here: 





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If you would like to be part of our Business Spotlight series, please reach out!   


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