Moatassem Moatez | MYcourier Inc.

Learning doesn't stop at any point

In this episode, Moatassem shared these golden nuggets:   


  • For you to manage the team, you have to have a basic appreciation of the roles that they’re doing. 
  • The entrepreneur must let go of feelings, ease, and control to grow their team. 
  • Look for team members who are committed, responsible, have a growth mindset and, most importantly, trustworthy to put the brand name and your company in their hands. 
  • You need to step into the unknown; we will never figure everything out at the beginning. The challenge is that as human beings,  we always want to survive in a comfort zone and taking a step into the unknown is very hard.  
  • Be consistent. Eventually, you will reach your definition of success. 
  • Stay close to your knitting! (what you know) 
  • Be curious enough to listen to people and analyze their stories. 
  • Don't deviate, and don't look beside you. 


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