A Bug in My Salad

What Finding a Bug in my Salad Taught me About Service

Hello and welcome to Storytime with Coach Hugo, today I'm going to share a story   that is kind of a scary story. It's hard for me to share because it's really recent. A few weeks ago I was on trip with my family and we were gonna have lunch.

We decided to go to a restaurant   that had good reviews, it was kind of a tourist trap. In those good reviews, people were   talking about the service. The food was good but the service was exceptional. So we get there, we order a very nice lunch because it was gonna be kind of our only meal for the day. We had some   some wine at the beginning and then pasta for some of us. I ordered a   hamburger with fries, salad and so far everything was very, very tasty. It was a great lunch! I was eating my salad and suddenly I see something that was off,  something was moving there.

I discovered a beetle, and the beetle was  alive, upside down and it was moving its little legs. It was huge! It was probably  one of the biggest beetles I've ever seen in my life, I freaked out! But I have this  weird policy of not freaking out the rest of the table, so I just like grabbed a napkin,  took the beetle out and threw it all the way over there in the table and I was like, ok, I can still eat the rest, the salad is probably off. When the waitress comes by   and I tell her, "Hey, there's this issue, this thing happened" and she said "Oh, yeah! That happens once in a while because all of our salads are organic! So bugs sometimes  just pop up on people's dishes.", and I thought "That's probably  not what I wanted to hear", not only I had this massive bug on my salad, but now I felt the service was terrible.

We kept eating and I was considering a one-star review  because this was a horrible experience. Later she comes by and she brings the check  and she mentions "Your dish is going to be on us because it's  unacceptable to have a beetle.", so it kind of improved the service but the experience was still   there... As you define the customer service experience for your clients, what are some of   the ways that you can create a 'wow' factor? Even in those moments of truth when something went terribly, terribly bad? Because if you can deliver that factor even in those difficult moments   people are gonna remember your customer experience. I just wanted to share that experience, it's a  little bit scary and I was not very happy but it was kind of an ok situation at the end because they did some things to apologize and show that they were trying to fix the experience.


So thanks again for being here for a storytime with coach hugo and I'll see you in the next one...

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