Story Time with Coach Hugo - Hiking in the mountains with our baby

One of my favourite things to do is go on a hike! But, trails can become dangerous in an instant.

Hello and welcome to story time with coach Hugo and today I want to share a story about taking a trip not knowing really what you're doing. So I was living with my family in south africa and our son was probably 6/7 months old and we visited an amazing hotel right next to the mountains in drakensberg. And so we get to the hotel really excited.

We had just bought a pack back where we could, we could put in our baby and just walk through and do some hiking. So we go to the front desk and we asked, hey, do you have like any routes that we can go around the mountains? Just just to see uh see the sights and they recommended one route that we should probably be doing.

So we put on the backpack, I'm carrying my, my son and um and we started hiking. So at the beginning it was just like through a meadow, then we get into the woods and then suddenly we start going across rivers and sort of going up the mountain and we get to a point in which there was this, this trail going through the mountain and there was this huge boulder that was just there in the trail.

So there was no way of growing across and we sort of needed to act like spiderman and just go around that huge boulder and there was a, you know, there was a cliff that would go from there. So, and this was probably an hour into the hike so it was, you know, we couldn't go back because it because it was, it would take too long.

You know, the baby was tired already. So we were like, okay, probably, you know, this is risky, but we'll do that. And I think we were all risking our lives and just making that sort of wall crawling to to go over the boulder, everything was fine.

And just after that we got to another meadow, so we got to feed our our baby and it's a great story now, but it was probably foolish to do that. Very risky to go over that boulder and going back to business. It reminded me how many times we may just go into the direction and we don't really know what it's our objective or what is the outcome we're looking for.

So, and it's fine to sometimes pivot along the way, but we need to have an idea of what we're doing and sort of a little bit of what the lay of the line looks like. So going back to this story, probably asking, hey, how hard is it and just explaining we're gonna be carrying our baby in the back, you know, in a backpack.

Could have been helpful in deciding which of the different routes around the mountain to take. But yeah, so just think about what are some of the objectives you're you're pursuing right now and have them in mind so that when you have to pivot and change your route. You're always keeping in mind what is the outcome you're looking for?

So thanks again. And I'll see you in the next story time with coach Hugo.

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