When a Dog Attacks, Don't get Left Behind

Don't give into fear, we can help.

Hello and welcome to storytime with Coach Hugo. Where I share some stories about my life and then link them to learning that we can apply to our businesses. So in this case, I want to talk about a very exciting experience with a girlfriend and dogs.

So, she had told me that she was very afraid of dogs because she had a nightmare growing up, in which she was being bitten by a pack of dogs and that left a psychological scar. So, she had always been afraid of dogs. But, I had never seen it in action.

So one day, we were going back to her house and we were just outside like this... And we're saying goodbye, having a last conversation before I would go back home. Then, this very small dog, probably a schnauzer, very small schnauzer comes bolting, barking, running towards us and, what she did... She jumped into the house and slammed the door.

I was left outside the house with the dog coming at me. Fortunately, he was just barking. Nothing happened. But, I was outside the house with the dog and it was a major, major lesson about fear! Later on, I actually gave her a dog and that allowed her to get rid of her fear of dogs.

But, as you think about your business, what are some aspects where you may be driven by fear and, you may actually be shutting the door on someone else's nose because of that fear. Recognize that fear and start working on it, so that you can get rid of it and improve your business.

Thanks again for being here for a storytime with Coach Hugo and I'll see you in the next one.

Don't give into fear, we can help. Let's discuss how!