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Do the things that not everybody is prepared to do

In this episode of Business Spotlight, we connected recently with Ken Doody – KLD & Associates 


In this episode, Ken shared these golden nuggets:   


  • What separates a successful business is the willingness of the individual to get out of their comfort zone. If we're constantly working within our comfort zone, we don't have an opportunity to grow. 
  • If we're not growing, our business is not growing. 
  • You need to do the things that not everybody is prepared to do. 
  • There's an old saying that "a little is more." In sales, give the client enough information to make an intelligent decision, but they don't have to know everything about it. 
  • Recognize your area of expertise and if a client asks you for advice on something that is not in your area of knowledge, introduce them to someone who you think can help them; this will further cement your relationship with the client. 
  • If you wake up in the morning and don't have an appointment that day, you have many things you can do to generate an appointment, maybe for later that day, maybe for tomorrow, maybe for next week or next month. 
  • There's always something that you can do to move you toward your goal. So never get up in the morning and be dejected because you don't have someone to see today. 


If you want to know more about Ken and his experience as an Employee Benefits professional, you can do so here: 






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