Colin Potts | Watch Off The Cuff

Be frustrated or rewarded by the learning process, your choice.

In this episode of Business Spotlight, we connected recently with Colin Potts, the Founder of Watch Off The Cuff, providing exclusive brands, watch service, repair and accessories, right here in Milton! 



In this episode, Colin shared these golden nuggets: 

• It's always going to take way longer than you think to get a product the way you want it. Jump full-time when you've made progress! 
• When there's a crisis, there's also innovation! 
• There's always going to be frustration through the learning process. 
• You can be frustrated because a project isn't that great or you can dig as deep as you possibly can to truly fix the problem and understand it. In the latter case, learning is your reward! 
• Take the time to understand very deeply what your customer's problem is. 
• Nobody can take what you know from you. 
• Your decisions can change the landscape where you are, you can see new paths. 

You can learn more about the amazing world of watches through Watch Off The Cuff or find your new watch here: 








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