Aastha Sahni | Advica Health

Prioritize, trust your team and delegate

In this episode, Aastha shared these golden nuggets:   


  • Learning is a lifelong process. 
  • “Do not be shy to get your feet wet,” everything improves with practice.  
  • When you have an idea that excites you, share it with your team to explore. 
  • Don't do too many things simultaneously; that would prevent you from giving your 100%. 
  • Establish priorities for the different projects and layers of the business that you need to focus on. 
  • Trust your team, delegate and let them run with it.  
  • Define the team member´s niches so you can delegate activities much more easily. 
  • All lessons happen in microdoses every day. 
  • Don't take your current clients for granted. They hold so much value; they can help guide you. Ask them, what did you do right, and what did you do wrong? 


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