Stephen Worrall | Integrated Clean Air Services

3 systems to master in your business to survive

In this episode of Business Spotlight, we connected recently with Stephen Worrall, the Founder and CEO of Integrated Clean Air Services, a full-service indoor air quality company. 



In this episode, Stephen shared these golden nuggets: 

• Who are you targeting? Go to your target market. 

• You have to understand your business: know what you're doing, where every dollar comes and goes from is crucial! You're not gonna survive without this. 

• The three really big systems that every successful entrepreneur will need: sales, operations and overall business. 

• When you're selling to a client, always sell them something else. That's adding on to the original sale, and that will keep you profitable. 

• Sales systems define what you're going to say, how, with what intonation, how you present to the prospect, etc." 


You can learn more about Integrated Clean Air Services so your family can breathe quality air here: 








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