Ace your Marketing with a 10x10 Matrix!

MARKETING STRATEGIES: Expanding your Marketing Strategies to Generate more Leads.

Hello and welcome to Business Know-Hacks, where I'll share with you tips to grow your company, improve your team or stop working too many hours on your business. Today, I want to talk about the concept of a 10 by 10 Matrix and how to grow your marketing strategies. The 10x10 Matrix refers to ten different lead generation strategies that are going on at the same time and bringing roughly 10% of your leads.

This allows you to have multiple touchpoints that are reaching your target market and you don't depend on any single one of them. Now, this is where you want to get to but not where you want to start because you don't want to be doing 10 things with low effectiveness and then you suddenly realize they're not bringing you the results you want. You start with two or three of them that you know are effective for your target and you get really good at them. You measure the results, you understand how much it costs to bring a new lead and once you are having amazing results with them, then you test the next one and you compare with the other results.

If it's working, great! If it's not, should you pivot or should you stop it already? And that's how you start growing your different marketing strategies until you have 8, 10 different strategies going out to your target market. So no matter if they're looking at things in a social environment, they're getting direct campaigns or they're looking at things online, they're learning about your product or service. So consider the 10x10 Matrix to start growing your marketing in an effective manner.

Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next Business Know-Hack!

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