Simon Spichak, Resolvve Inc.

Grow with people who now what they do and are not "Yes" people

In this episode, Simon shared these golden nuggets:   


  • When someone starts a business, nobody knows what they're doing. It's okay to ask questions. 
  • When you hire a vendor (or someone for your team), don´t go with the first person you interviewed. 
  • [Vendors], you want to get someone that knows what they're doing, how to organize the information, what to write, what to say...  
  • Collaborate with someone who isn't just a "Yes" person. 
  • The trick to making a lot of quality content is getting into a consistent habit where you set aside a few hours and go 'into the zone' and write 800-1,000 words. Then, focus on little improvements. 
  • Part of getting good at something is sucking at it first. 
  • If you see something in the world that you don't like or isn't good, maybe it's time to start looking a little closer and seeing if you can make a tangible difference. 


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