Jeremy Roach | Beech Golf Co.

Don't be average, think out of the box!

Jeremy Roach is a Co-Founder at Beech Golf Co., a line of golf apparel with fresh new designs. We connected recently for a Business Spotlight chat and here are a few take-aways...

• Doing is much better than reading. It's important to put new klnowledge into practice.

• Be well prepared, well planned, give yourself months in advance prior to a launch. You want to be certain when providing dates and launch plans.

• Be careful who you trust as you delegate, as cash is precious for a startup.

• Don't be average, think out of the box!

You can learn more about Beech Golf and look at their cool products here...





If anyone's interested in connecting with Jeremy and talking about business, feel free to reach out. Jeremy is open to discuss and share experiences along the entrepreneurial path.

If you would like to book some time for us to connect or do a Business Spotlight, please reach out!