Lynn Johannson | E2 Management Corporation

Don't get angry, ask and give others a chance to correct

In this episode of Business Spotlight, we connected recently with Lynn Johannson Owner of E2 Management Corporation.           


In this episode, Lynn shared these golden nuggets:  


• The perseverance of the owner makes a business successful. 

• Have a business plan! Spend time doing your strategic plan, based on goals and your roadmap to get there. 

• Talk to your bank manager and start a trust-based relationship. 

• Pay your small business suppliers on time. This way, you create a network that is there to help you. 

• Treat people with respect. 

• When something goes wrong, don’t get angry. Ask what happened, find out the reason and give people the chance to correct the problem. 

• Your strategy is an out-of-mind or out-of-body experience where you're willing to take a risk on something that has not been done before. 



If you want to follow how Lynn is helping small business and their contribution with the environment, you can do so here:      






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If you would like to be part of our Business Spotlight series, please reach out!   


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