Imran Lateef | Fibrelynx Texlynx

Meet, advise and help others. In return, they will always help you.

In this episode of Business Spotlight, we connected recently with Imran Lateef, the President of Fibrelynx/Texlynx, a global textile services company providing sourcing of various hospitalty and home-related products. Imran is truly a global citizen and helping hand.


In this episode, Imran shared these golden nuggets:


• Provide a solution to your customer, regardless of country of origin, find options!

• Meet, advise and help others. In return, they will always help you.

• Work on a well-planned transition, which is always a challenge in a family business.

• Work very hard. 20+ hour days at the beginning are not uncommon.

• Build your connections and your relationships.


You can learn more about Fibrelynx Texlynx here:





Imran offered to help anyone needing help in the sourcing space as well as in mergers and acquisitions around the world.


If you are looking for any joint venture, shifting production overseas, he is an extremely well-connected business person for that.


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