Peter Lazar | Pavement

Build a stable business, not a flashy one

Our newest Business Spotlight focuses on Peter Lazar, the CEO and Founder at Pavement, a vendor-first food ordering marketplace, a virtual shopping mall for the F&B industry.

Our main takeaways  from the conversation were:
• Aim to help other businesses out, your customers, that's really the key to success.
• Be there to help with the problem that you had at some point (Peter's team were users from day one).
• Think about the business as a large freight ship rather than a speed boat. Peter prefers to build something that can weather any storm, go anywhere in the world. Slow, big, heavy, solid (a much more stable business) rather than something that's flashy and fast.
• Resilience as a key to success.
• Watching other entrepreneurs' passion these last two years is a massive source of inspiration.

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Peter's solution is live, he invited any restaurant, take-out or bakery owners to reach out if they need help.

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