The wrong type of bird

Communication and attention to detail

Hello and welcome to Story Time with Coach Hugo where tear stories about my life, other lives, other stories and then try to extract a few business learnings from them. So, today I want to share the story of going for a very special birthday dinner with my family.

So it was my father in law if I remember correctly. And I had asked my VA to book us a table at a restaurant called The Canneries. So, she made a reservation. She put the address for the restaurant in my calendar and off we go, that was on a saturday. So we go to the restaurant, we get to the Strip Mall where the address for the restaurant and it turns out that the restaurant that was there was called The Cardinal. So a very different type of bird. Of course they didn't have our booking because it was for another restaurant.

So we need to jump back into the car, made our way to the other restaurant which was probably like half an hour away. The time for booking was about to expire but we made it to The Canneries and they had our booking, they were able to respect it and we had a very nice dinner as a family and it was the first time that my father in law was going to that restaurant that he actually liked it very much.

Now there's a couple of learnings that I get from this story. The first one is just about not only communicating something but verifying. And in this case I knew that the booking was done and which restaurant I wanted to do but I wasn't aware and I didn't verify that the booking and the address didn't match.

The second one is just attention to detail. In this case two different types of birds were part of the booking and but just actually walking through the details with my VA I would have saved us a little bit of hassle on the date. So, as you use these principles in your business, what are some communications that you're having with vendors, your team that you need to just go out and verify and make sure that all the details are being taken care of?

Thanks again for watching Story Time with Coach Hugo and I'll see you in the next one.

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