Michelle Chouinard-Kenney | Gibson Building Supplies 

Define your company culture | Michelle Chouinard-Kenney, Gibson Building Supplies

In this episode, Michelle shared these golden nuggets:   


  • You have to be transparent with your customers and clear about expectations. 
  • For your business to succeed, transparency is essential. Let your team know your direction, and help people understand what your business is about. 
  • Take the time to onboard and train new people in your business. 
  • Define your company culture; that way, you and your team can work in one direction. 
  • Every day, communicate your expectations. Always do the right thing, even if it costs money or time. 
  • Transfer who you are into your business from the senior leadership team to every line of your team structure. Your ethics and how you do business all need to be an accurate reflection of who you are. 
  • Run mentorship programs constantly. 
  • As business owners, we need to understand how to make our customer's experience seamless and easy. 
  • Find your inspiration and love the process! 


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