Shann McGrail | Haltech Regional Innovation Centre

Do the work, be resilient and show up with a new idea.  

In this episode of Business Spotlight, we connected recently with Shann McGrail, the CEO at Haltech Regional Innovation Centre, at the nexus of Halton Region’s innovation ecosystem. 


In this episode, Shann shared these golden nuggets: 


• Focusing on women entrepreneurs is a great way to bring new innovations and solutions to the market, including some previously underserved markets; it creates opportunities and economic impact. 
• Listen to entrepreneurs to understand how to best help them. 
• People who are willing to do the work is what makes companies successful. 
• The more engaged clients are, the more they get out of programs. 
• Not all experiments have to go wrong in order for progress to happen. It may not always work, but you're going to learn something. 
• Hold on, be resilient, give it a try and show up again the next day with a new idea. 


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