Rob Bourbeau and Sarah Hemingway | Do+Dare Undie Co.

Blinding f**t of the obvious, hard work and impact make amazing underwear

In this episode of Business Spotlight, we connected recently with Rob Bourbeau and Sarah Hemingway, the Co-Owners of do+dare undie co. They believe your undies should be as unique as you are.

We were truly honoured to have them join Business Spotlight, where they shared:

• Your “aha moment” can come from a ridiculous moment (watch for that BFO).
• A successful business requires much hard work.
• Persistence, you've got to be willing to do the work, but if you don't do it consistently, you will never get there.
• See the rewards and how you're changing the world.
• Turn trivial into fun.
• Make a difference! do+dare contributes to nonprofit organizations.
• Create a brand that people enjoy.


You can get great, funny underwear and smile a little bit thanks to Do and Dare here:












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