Emily Lauren Dick, The Guiding Light Education

Company Inc.

Follow your heart, adapt and don't give up!

In this episode of Business Spotlight, we connected recently with Emily Lauren Dick is the Founder and CEO of The Guiding Light Education Company Inc., making social-emotional learning for children. 


In this episode, Emily shared these golden nuggets:   


• To start a new project, define how you want to share information, brainstorm, write it down, and create a business plan. 

• In regards to funding, you may use your resources, go to a bank and ask for a loan, or present the idea to potential investors. 

• Research businesses like yours to inform what model you will use (e.g., subscription). 

• Create value to create repeat business. 

• Follow your heart; no matter what comes up, we are here to make changes that others can't see. So, don't give up! 

• No matter if your idea goes one way or another, you're going to adapt it, which teaches you something. That's an essential step in any entrepreneur's journey; those failures were not because you’re using all those skills now in the present journey. 



If you want to follow what Emily is building at The Guiding Light Education Company, you can do so here: 


WEB: http://www.guidinglightco.com/ 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/theguidinglightco 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/theguidinglightco/ 



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