Peter Day | Endo Networks Inc.

Change to your plan to your team's strengths and to maximize profits

In this episode of Business Spotlight, we connected recently with Peter Day,President and Founder of Endo Networks Inc. 


In this episode, Peter shared these golden nuggets:  


• Instead of spending a lot of time evaluating an opportunity, and as long as it's not consuming an inordinate amount of resources, jump into it; if you do enough of them, you'll get great value from the ones that work. 

• Having truly objective, measurable results available in a timely manner makes a business successful. 

• You need to have a good core team that brings competencies to the business. 

• When you're looking for people, instead of looking for who fits the business plan, you can change your plan to fit their strengths, their experience, who they know, etc. 

• If you need to change your business plan to get more net profits, go for it! 


If you want to connect with Peter, Endo or explore how to enhance your commercial efforts, do so here: 






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