Marketing to recruit

Your recruiting process is your opportunity to find, attract and onboard the best talent.

Hello and welcome to business know hacks, where I'll share with you tips to grow your company, improve your team or stop working too many hours on your business. Today, I want to talk about how you can use marketing for your recruiting. We're currently experiencing a very challenging talent marketplace.

People are leaving their jobs. They're (looking for) new opportunities. More and more companies, some of my clients, are experiencing challenges in finding the right people for their teams. One idea that you can apply is, just as you start growing your marketing and testing different things like networking, posting online or direct campaigns...

You can apply the same logic to recruiting many times I hear someone that may be having challenges finding the right people and the only thing they're doing is they're posting to online boards. They haven't really thought to apply the same thing they're doing to finding customer leads. E. G. , going out and networking, sharing with their trusted partners or going to schools or other places where their targets, their talent marketplace may be hanging out.

So just think about how you can apply different marketing strategies to attract the right people to your team and it'll make recruiting easier.

Thank you. And I'll see you in the next Business Know-Hack.

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